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Hydrogen and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuel Dispensers were on display at the Shell Eco-Marathon in Detroit, Michigan from April 22-24, 2016. The event featured a variety of hands on learning stations and activities, focusing on energy efficient and clean fuels technology. There was a Shell branded Hydrogen dispenser on display alongside a new Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle with an interactive simulator. The Shell branded LNG Dispenser was accompanied by a video and graphic, detailing LNG fueling and the benefits LNG can provide for long haul vehicles and the environment.

More than 9,000 students made their way through the Shell technology pavilion where Bennett representatives were on hand to discuss the benefits of Hydrogen fuel cell and Natural Gas vehicles. “The excitement and enthusiasm of these young people was inspiring”; said Ross Finlan, Bennett Natural Gas Sales Manager. “They clearly understand how this impacts their economic and environmental future, and they really care”

The Shell Eco-Marathon is an exciting, forward thinking event, challenging young people from around the world to consider the future with innovative ideas using the fuels of tomorrow, today.

About the 2016 Shell Eco-Marathon in Detroit, MI

The Shell Eco-Marathon challenges young engineers from around the world to design, build and drive ultra-energy efficient vehicles in a competition which awards the teams who excel on and off the track. This year featured 124 teams from seven different countries.

Over 1,000 high school and college students competed using energy efficient vehicles they have created. The teams race through downtown Detroit in competition for the most coveted prize of the event; “most miles per gallon” award.  Shell describes the event as “a demonstration of Shell's commitment to fostering the talent that will sustain the automotive and energy industries while helping the world meet its growing energy needs by developing bright ideas in energy transition in a collaborative and responsible way.”

About Bennett Pump Company

Spring Lake, MI based Bennett Pump Company is a global leader in fuel dispensing technology for retail and commercial applications as well as alternative fuels dispensing technology. The company began in 1919 and currently does business in more than 90 countries around the world.