The most comprehensive product line in the industry.

X19 SURFACE-MOUNT ELECTRONICS The X19 single-board, conformal-coated, surface-mount electronics are significantly more efficient and provide more processing power. These electronics only draw 1.03-Amps of power during flow and only .71-Amps when idle. This is less power draw than a normal 100-watt light bulb.
EMV PAYMENT W/ NFC EMV ready hybrid chip card reader w/ PCI compliant & EMV ready EPP and NFC reader
2-TIER PRICING An optional feature of the X19 electronics is 2-tier price displays for cash and credit or rewards based pricing

Payment Options: A variety of payment options are available for front mounted 3000 series dispensers depending on your needs. 

  • EMV-R: 7″ Widescreen display with soft keys, Hybrid Chip EMV Card Reader, PCI-Compliant/EMV Ready EPP, High Speed Receipt Printer
  • Full-EMV: Full EMV payment with 7″ display (require dispenser hub board and in-store hub box)
  • Credit-Alpha: 7″ Widescreen display with soft keys, dual-side credit/fleet card reader, Alpha-numeric Pin-Pad, High Speed Receipt Printer
  • Audio: Media Kit with External Audio for 7″ Displays
  • NFC
  • Local Preset

Stainless Steel: Optional stainless steel packages for doors, end panels, top cover, electronic cover assembly, hinged upper doors and grade panel area.

Other Options: Low Hose or High Hose, Side Mount or Front Mount Nozzle Boots, Two-Tier Price Displays, Electro-Mechanical Totalizers, Junction Box, Pulse Output Board, Automatic Temperature Compensation, Intercom Speaker, Intercom Speaker with Call Button, Custom Graphics, Valance (high hose models)