DEF 100.200 Side Retail

Blue Fueler - 100 and 200 Models

The Bennett 100 and 200 Blue Fueler Models are a class of Weights and Measures (NIST) approved DEF dispensers designed for use in commercial and retail locations where demanding users require durability, ruggedness and affordability. The Blue Fueler Models are based on world-class engineering providing users with a solid return on investment due to high reliability and a low cost of ownership.

  • Weights and Measures (NIST) approved DEF meter to ensure precise fluid measurement
  • Small footprint (52″ x 13″ x 11″), ideal for use with barrels, totes and above-ground and underground storage systems
  • Stainless steel rotary meter, with only two moving parts, providing maximum durability and reliability
  • Interfaces to commercial cardlock and retail point-of-sale systems
  • Single board electronic design for highest reliability and low cost of ownership
  • LED back lighting, energy efficient and long lasting
  • Low tote or tank indicator light (available in suction units only)
  • For use in non-hazardous locations for use between 12° – 90°F

110R – 10 GPM remote, commercial (gallons-only)


210R – 10 GPM remote, retail (dollar and gallon)