Bennett's hydraulic components can be found in more than 30 other dispenser brands around the world.
 Bennett Pump Company SB100 Meter

SB-100 Meter

Bennett's SB100 four piston, positive displacement meter is a precision device with some part tolerances controlled to within 50-millionths of an inch.  For Bennett and many other pump companies around the world, accurate data generation originates in the SB100 precision meter.

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  • SB100 - Up to 15% Methanol, Ethanol or MTBE
  • SB100 AL - Up to 100% Methanol or Ethanol
  • SB100 E - Electronic Calibration & 15% Blends
  • SB100 E AL - Electronic Calibration % 100% Alcohol
  • Accuracy +/- .25% or better from 1.5-26 gpm (4-100lpm)
  • Volume per outlet drive shaft revolution of .125 gallons or .5 liters
  • Working pressure of 50 psi (3.5 bar)
  • Minimum mechanical adjusting increment of .05%
  • Factory tested and calibrated prior to shipment
  • 100% hydro-static tested prior to shipment
  • Aluminum body
  • Stainless steel cylinder sleeves
  • Stainless steel valve plate and counter valve
  • Durable glass impregnated composite distributor
  • Stainless steel crank shaft with long life, self lubricating bearings
  • Teflon piston cups
  • 'AL' versions include all aluminum parts treated for methanol/ethanol resistance with all seals and gaskets compatible to 100%
  • UL Listed - Flammable Liquid Meter Certificate #20130426 - MH28133
  • Approved in USA by NTEP, Certificate #91-095A1
  • Approved to Comply with OIML R117 - ZR 141/13-0094
  • Other Weights & Measures and Safety approvals available, please contact us for more information