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Bennett Pump Company T-75 Pumping Unit

T-75 Pumping Units

Bennett's Type 75 pumping unit is a positive displacement, sliding vane style pump, which is the best choice for pumping low viscosity liquids such as gasoline and diesel. It incorporates a unique vortex air elimination system that can meet world wide regulatory standards without the need for added shut-down valves.

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  • T75 HD High Displacement Model - Up to 15% Fuel Blends
  • T75 HD AL High Displacement - Up to 100% Alcohol Fuels
  • 22 gpm (80 lpm) at 700 RPM with 3/4 HP Motor (.55Kw)
  • 13 gpm (50 lpm) at 450 RPM with 1/2 HP Motor (.37kW)
  • Aluminum body
  • Blades: Carbon
  • Rotor and Stator: Cast Iron
  • Rotor Shaft: Chrome Plated Steel
  • Bearings: Self-Lubricating with Teflon
  • Standard Filtration: 70 Micron
  • 'AL' versions include all aluminum parts treated for methanol/ethanol resistance
  • UL Listed Recognized Component #20130326 - MH25908
  • Approved to Comply with OIML R117 - ZR 141/13-0092
  • Other Weights & Measures and Safety approvals available, please contact us for more information