Bennett's hydraulic components can be found in more than 30 other dispenser brands around the world.

Bennett Pump Company T-140 Pumping Unit

T-140 Pumping Units

Bennett's T140 pumping unit offers customers nominal flow rates of 140lpm (37gpm).

  • Performance
  • Approvals
  • Accuracy +/- .25% or better from 1.5-26 gpm (4-100lpm)
  • Volume per outlet drive shaft revolution of .125 gallons or .5 liters
  • Working pressure of 50 psi (3.5 bar)
  • Minimum mechanical adjusting increment of .05%
  • Factory tested and calibrated prior to shipment
  • 100% hydro-static tested prior to shipment
  • UL Recognized Component - Certificate #20130326-MH25908
  • Approved to Comply with OIML R117 - ZR 141/13-0093